The Project

The Sandia Springs Wetlands project came to life when a group of Texas Master Naturalists traveled to Bosque del Apache and Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuges in New Mexico in November of 2010.

Master Naturalists Ellen and Don Weinacht of Balmorhea, TX realized they had both the water and the land that could be used as a location to restore wetlands long lost from the original Sandia Springs. The project is located on Reeves County Road 313 in Balmorhea, Texas.

The Sandia Spring’s headwaters are currently owned by the Nature Conservancy of Texas.
and wetlands once emanating from it have been drained over the years for agricultural use.  But the Weinachts own water rights to both Sandia Springs and (as needed) from Balmorhea Lake,  and water for the Sandia Springs Wetlands project will come mainly from Sandia Springs.

At the annual meeting of Tierra Grande Texas Master Naturalists on June 11, 2011, the members adopted the Sandia Springs Wetlands as a local conservation project with the aim of creating a wildlife refuge in the desert to attract migrating shorebirds.  The project coordinator is Dave Hedges of Ft. Davis.

The layout of the 2 ponds


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