TX Parks and Wildlife Evaluation

Wetland Evaluation of Sandia Springs Project

August 29, 2011

District 1 Staff Comments

  1. Allow native wetland plants to grow in 2 of the pools and compare invertebrate abundance with bermuda grass in the 3rd pool.
  2. Additional leveling on the pool floors to increase surface water. The soil that is removed could be used to widen the berms around/between the pools, providing longer life span before needing to reconstruct.
  3. Leaving or creating some deeper areas within the pools to provide water over a much longer period as the pools begin to dry. Bentonite could also be used in these specific low spots to increase water holding capacity.
  4. Kill the mesquite sprouts growing in the pools. Individual plant treatment ( leaf spray with 1/2% reclaim, 1/2% remedy) (2 oz. of each chemical to 3 gal. water) a surfactant should be used to increase effectiveness.
  5. Mow or shred 75% of the vegetation in the pools to improve shorebird use but leave some plant material along the berms to minimize erosion.
  6. Feral hog management may be needed.
  7. Talk to the water board about the possibility of holding the 120 acre/ft that you will soon have access to until you need it for the pools.
  8. Use your remaining water for this year in the (west pool ??) the pool that has not been disc. The pool closest to the parking area may not hold water as well as the pool on the other end.
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