Visited by Nature Conservancy

As you know, the 120 acre/feet of water from Lake Balmorhea to which The Nature Conservancy is entitled is currently dedicated to the Sandia Springs project.  The project currently consists of 3 units covering a total of approximately 4 acres with another 2-acre unit proposed for the future.  The project includes a parking and observation area adjacent to the county road for wildlife observers.

Based upon my observations and the discussions of future plans for the project, I believe this to be a very good use of our water and very consistent with our mission, given the potential for migratory bird and other wildlife habitat, and especially in the context of historic wetland loss in our area.  During my brief time there, I observed a lesser yellowlegs, white-crowned sparrows, killdeer, gadwalls, a Mexican mallard, and dragonflies.

Please be aware that the TGMN committee for this project consisting of Ellen, Mary Fenton, Susan Penney, Barbara Novovitch, Mary Malmgrem, and others was very impressed with your recent recommendations regarding tree species and other vegetation.  They plan to resume this planning in the near future and may be interested in calling on you again.  If I can be of any help in this regard, please let me know.

Chris Pipes

Davis Mountains Project Director

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