Rare Bird Sighting at Sandia Springs Wetlands

According to “Birds of the Trans-Pecos” author Kelly Bryan,  the Marbled Godwit is listed as “Rare” – Seldom observed; may not occur each year during season indicated.

So if you are interested in a “rare” shorebird,  the Sandia Wetland Project has produced it’s first. It was observed midday 04/21/12 in the center unit by Dave Hedges and Ellen Weinacht.

Park in the parking area and approach the center unit  quietly on  foot from the north side. Binoculars will work fine but a scope will put him in your lap.

This is a very large shorebird with a 30 inch wingspan and a large slightly upturned two tone bill. When probing for food one would think he’s drilling for oil. They go deep.

A real thrill to have this occurrence on the Wetland.


Today, Tues. April 24, 2012  GREAT NEWS—Report from Dave Hedges—Two extremely unusual bird sightings for our region have turned up at the newly restored Sandia Wetlands:  Marbled Godwit (4/23) and today Whimbrel (4/24), Kelly Bryan informed that the Whimbrel is very unusual for here.

Also the newest unit added to the wetlands has water being delivered into it at this moment.

They wetlands are doing what Dave and all of us predicted.  Add water and species lost nearly 100 years ago will return.

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