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Did you visit Sandia and would like to share your images taken while there? We would be happy to post them here for you. Email them with your name for crediting your images and bird ID if you know it to:  selfring(at)bigbend(dot)net

Note – the guest book pages shown below include bird sightings for that date.

August 20th, 2016 During The Davis Mountains Hummingbird Celebration

Sightings by Cliff Shackelford

Hi Ellen,

It was great meeting you and your fantastic wetland last month. What a gem y’all have created in the Chihuahuan Desert!

Here are the 7 species of shorebirds that the 12 observers (including 2 leaders) saw on August 20th at the Sandia Wetlands — arranged in order of abundance:

Killdeer – 15
Least Sandpiper – 12
Black-necked Stilt – 10
Lesser Yellowlegs – 8
Solitary Sandpiper – 3
Wilson’s Phalarope – 1
Spotted Sandpiper – 1

And here are the non-shorebird species that we also encountered at your wetland that morning:

Yellow-headed Blackbird
White-faced Ibis
Blue-winged Teal
“Mexican” Mallard
Bank Swallow
Cliff Swallow
Barn Swallow

I could have stayed at your wetland a lot longer — what a peaceful spot — but we also had to take the group to Lake Balmorhea where we added a few more species like Clark’s and Western grebes.

Take care,


Click on images to enlarge




IMG_6828 (2)





Yellowlegs (Dave Mainz 2/21/15)


Dowitcher (Dave Mainz 2/21/15)


Shoveller (Dave Mainz 2/21/15)



AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN (Image by Anne Adkins, 2/7/15)

IMG_0202_011-IMG_7652 Black-necked Stilt76IMG_9121 (2)IMG_91525431-IMG_7673IMG_7737 (2)

Turkey buzzard, one with vitiligo of the neck

Taken June 22, 2011

American Avocet

Taken June 2011




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